Looking For Cheap Weight Loss Surgery Options?  Think Again.

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Don’t even think about finding a surgeon that will do “cheap weight loss surgery“.  That is if you want to live for any length of time.  Weight loss surgery needs to be considered very carefully and you will need to pay for a good, qualified surgeon to do it. 


Price Is The Last Consideration Before Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Options treat obesity by facilitating weight loss by closing off parts of the stomach to make it smaller.  This type of bariatric gastric weight loss surgery is called a restrictive operation.  Basically, it restricts food intake.  This type of surgery will provide a feeling of fullness when 1-3 ounces of food  is ingested.  It does not interfere with normal digestion. However, you should still avoid selecting a surgery offering cheap weight loss surgery. 

  Find Out Why Bariatric Cost Should Be The Last Consideration.

 Adjustable gastric banding is a restrictive weight loss surgery. Gastric banding surgery places a band around the upper part of the stomach which narrows the passage into the larger part of the stomach.  Once the band is in place, it is inflated with a saline solution.  This weight loss surgery allows gastric surgeons to  increase or decrease the narrowing  by adding or subtracting the saline solution.   Low cost weight loss surgery is not your number one concern.

The most common restrictive surgery is the vertical banded gastroplasty.  This type of weight loss surgery uses both the band and staples and it is wise not to be elect a surgeon promoting cheap weight loss surgery.

Restrictive weight loss surgeries do lead to weight loss in approximately 80% of the patients.  Some patients have regained their weight because of the inability to adopt healthy eating patterns and participate in regular exercise.

Risks with the adjustable gastric banding procedure are vomiting, band slippage, and saline leakage .  The wearing away of staple line and the band are complications that could develop with the vertical banded gastroplasty.  A rare complication is gastric acid can leak into the abdomen and require emergency surgery.  Infection and death has developed in less than 1% of all cases.  Do you really want cheap weight loss surgery?  Dangers Of Cheap Weight Loss Surgery.  Click Here

Another weight loss surgical option is a partial gastric bypass of the small intestine.  A diversion is made directly from the stomach to the lower part of the small intestine.  This type of bariatric surgery combines stomach restrictive surgery with partial bypass and are known as malabsorptive operations because it bypasses a part of the digestive tract that normally absorb nutrients and calories.   Just say NO to cheap weight loss surgery.

Malabsorptive surgery is the most common medical weight loss surgery because it promotes more weight loss than the restrictive surgical procedures.  The most common and successful surgical option is the Roux-en-y gastric bypass (RGB).  The RGB creates a small stomach pouch which limits food intake. Then a Y shaped section of the small intestine is attached to this pouch to bypass the lower stomach, duodenum and part of the jejunum. The duodenum and jejunum are part of the small intestine where most nutrients and calories are absorbed.  Did you say you wanted cheap weight loss surgery?

More Reasons To Avoid Surgeons Promoting Cheap Weight Loss Surgery

A more complicated malabsorptive surgery is the biliopancreatic diversion (BPD). This weight loss surgery option actually removes a portion of the stomach leaving a small pouch.  This remaining stomach pouch is then connected to the ileum bypassing the duodenum and jejumun.  Because of the high risk for nutritional deficiencies, this weight loss option is not as frequently done compared to the other surgical weight loss procedures.  A modified version of the BPD is the duodenal switch.  This gastric surgery leaves a larger portion of the stomach in place along with the pyloric valve as well as a segment of the duodenum.  The pyloric valve regulates the amount of food released from the stomach into the small intestine.  Do you see why costs of weight surgery should not be a deciding factor?

When considering your weight loss surgical options, avoid selecting the doctor offering cheap weight loss surgery.  Remember that nutritional deficiencies are a huge risk factor and supplementing with special foods, vitamin and mineral supplements must be a lifelong commitment. 

 Cheap weight loss surgery must not be a criteria for having it done. Say no to cheap weight loss surgery.